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:urshifu: :incineroar: :rillaboom: :celesteela: :zygarde: :mew:
Zygarde + Mew Balance

dnagerbdager made a zygarde spotlight so i decided to build a team around zygarde and it ended up being really solid. I don't have much to say about my thought process here, it's a pretty standard balance team. Incin + Rillaboom is a good pivot core, Coaching + Zyg/Urshifu is pretty strong, Celesteela pairs well with urshifu and zygarde bc it walls rillaboom forever and also appreciates fake out support from incin and rilla. Mew is really good here because it can both weaken everything with snarl and will o wisp and make zygarde and urshifu even stronger. You can also use coaching defensively on mons like celesteela to sponge hits better. Very solid team, would recommend

:gastrodon: :heatran: :rillaboom: :landorus: :diancie: :kyurem black:
Gastrodon Semiroom

I usually try to make teams using mons that rise to dou whenever tiers shift, and this time around gastrodon and milotic rose, so i made a gastrodon team (i have a milotic team too but im not posting it bc it's too similar to another team in this post) gastrodon baits in grass types for heatran which is nice and in return gastrodon beats mons like landorus that beat heatran. Rillaboom was pretty much just added for fake out and terrain control. Diancie was added to justify gastrodon because gastrodon can redirect water moves from urshifu and appreciates trick room. It also beats steels that aren't celesteela which we have tran for. Landorus is this team's main source of damage outside of tr and doesn't share any weaknesses with gastrodon, which means they're fine on a team together. Kyurem black was added for speed control outside of tr, but it also synergizes with gastrodon and landorus well. Gastrodon forces switches with yawn and kyurem black is notoriously hard to come in on because of it's perfect coverage and the fact that it can click icy wind on whatever comes in. Because of this, you can yawn, and on the turn they fall asleep, go into lando or tran to outspeed whatever comes in after an icy wind and get an attack off. Landorus also works well with kb bc it scares out the mons that usually come in on it, like metagross, heatran, and incineroar. Because these mons are forced out by lando, you can icy wind on the switch and sub to be faster than whatever comes in and be behind a sub which makes you harder to remove. Pretty much everything on this team synergizes with each other and is pretty solid overall. I don't know if i think gastrodon as a pokemon is good, but this team featuring gastrodon is fine at least
:naganadel: :tapu lele: :zygarde: :heatran: :urshifu: :amoonguss:
Lele Offense

This is a pretty cool team and it was completely unintentional. I wanted to make a psyspam team and added mons that like psyterrain for terrain control or priority blocking, and then realized i forgot to add necrozma. It's a pretty cool mix of normal hyper offense and psyspam and i like it. I don't have much to say about this though, i don't really remember my thought process here.

:stakataka: :cresselia: :rillaboom: :volcanion: :landorus: :dragapult:
Stakataka Semiroom

Actuarily used stakataka + cresselia in seasonals and i thought it was a pretty cool pairing. Stakataka gets completely obliterated by fighting and ground types and cresselia eats hits from both of those types, and stakataka beats a lot of common cresselia checks, like incineroar for example. Rillaboom was added for fake out and terrain control (it also has knock to weaken p2) volcanion and lando obliterate steel types which staka and cress are both weak to and dragapult is good into a lot of faster threats like naganadel and shadow ball is spammable vs everything in this tier that isnt named incineroar. Stakataka is a cool mon, it has a niche as a semiroom breaker that's really good into opposing semiroom mons and has a decent coverage.

:blastoise: :spectrier: :celesteela: :landorus: :incineroar: :naganadel:

I accidentaily clicked on blastoise when i opened my teambuilder and decided to build a spectoise team. celesteela was added bc water types + celesteela + ground type is a pretty solid defensive core, landorus is immediate damage, incin for a secondary fake out pivot and naganadel for tailwind and more damage. Spectrier can be really strong vs a lot of teams bc most people don't prep for it anymore, and a lot of setup spam mons support it pretty well.

:pelipper: :urshifu: :zapdos: :genesect: :tsareena: :landorus:
Damp Rock Pelipper Rain
This is another completely normal team. The only real opposing weather rn is hail, so you do actually get value out of damp rock on pelipper, and pelipper gets u turn for momentum anyway. Pelipper is also cool for wide guard, which helps with the psyspam matchup because rain usually doesn't run terrain control. Other than that, this is a pretty standard rain team, i don't have much to say really
:urshifu: :diancie: :rillaboom: :heatran: :kyurem black: :dragapult:
Urshifu Semiroom

I wanted to use urshifu and diancie together because urshifu removes steel types for diancie. Heatran beats grass types and celesteela which both of these mons are weak to, rillaboom is utility as always, kyurem black provides speed control and dragapult beats a lot of faster threats this team would otherwise lose to.

:tapu lele: :naganadel: :necrozma: :urshifu: :heatran: :amoonguss:
Eject Button Lele Psyspam

This is pretty standard psyspam other than eject button lele. Eject button lele plays kinda like a more offensive politoed. Lele doesn't have a pivot move so eject button lets you more effectively compete with opposing terrains and deny u turns which is pretty cool. I don't have much to say about this team other than that, pretty normal psyspam team

:diancie: :volcanion: :rillaboom: :landorus: :kyurem black: :genesect:
Genesect Semiroom

This is literally just standard semiroom stuff. Genesect works well on semiroom because u turn lets you pivot into your tr mons and it offensively checks mons like nagandel urshifu and landorus which would normally threaten your tr mons. Everything else is pretty normal, diancie rillaboom volcanion tr mode, landorus as a fast attacker and kyurem black for non tr speed control

:porygon2: :volcanion: :rillaboom: :landorus: :kyurem black: :dragapult:
Dragapult Balance

This six has been used several times before and i think it's pretty good. Dragapult was originally lando but the team felt too nagandel weak so i used dragapult in it's place to check it offensively. I also like goggles metagross bc it can beat amoonguss + kyurem black and amoonguss + diancie teams. This spread is evd to live dragapult shadow ball from full (iirc you only live timid though) it also frees you up to run shuca on volc to bait landorus.

:landorus: :urshifu: :rillaboom: :naganadel: :heatran: :genesect:
Hyper Offense

This is another standard team. I've been using the five of landorus/urshifu/rillaboom/naganadel/heatran on hyper offense for a while and i decided on genesect here for a last mon for immediate speed outside of tailwind and pivoting. It's also really good into a lot of opposing offense mons bc of it's good coverage and speed. This six is also solid, it's a pretty normal hyper offense team

:ninetales alola: :kyurem: :mew: :heatran: :landorus: :urshifu:
Scarf Kyurem Hail

I wanted to try scarf kyurem because it's good into fast threats like naganadel and dragapult and also has scarf glaciate which is nice for speed control. Not to mention fast blizzard is great late game. From there i added mew for tailwind and fake out and a bunch of strong mons that like veil. Hail is probably the team style i have the least experience using and building, but i tried.


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DPL Champion
well the Squirtles are out of DPL, so I thought i might as well dump the team I used to go 1-0 in here. i don't usually like making my stuff fancier than need be, but this is special so i did it anyway.

:ss/lurantis: :ss/porygon2: :ss/volcanion: :ss/diancie: :ss/dragapult: :ss/rillaboom:
Lurantis Semiroom
(team is in the sprites btw)
First off, I actually started building this team a few weeks before I even knew I was going to play. Can't recall how I came up with the concept, but I ended up making three different teams around a core of Lurantis and Porygon2 here, here, and here. After I made the 3rd (incomplete) one, I decided to ask for advice on which one was better out of the three in my channel in our teamcord, which I had previously only used for effectively shitposting with Pokemon sets. Actuarily then said he thought the first was better, but suggested I add Diancie over Celesteela, Grassy Glide on Lurantis, and Rillaboom over Mew. I obviously did all of those. We decided to bring it to DPL after seeing robjr's scout and Actuarily (my goat) noticed how it looked good into it. We didn't really change much besides a move and an ability after that, and the team did surprisingly well (it would've done better if I clicked Trick Room at all but I still won so w/e). Introductions aside, here's the actual team. Yes I named everything after Undertale music, everything in there is a bop.

:lurantis: :sitrus_berry:
Finale (Lurantis) @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Contrary
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Brave Nature
IVs: 0 Spe
- Superpower
- Grassy Glide
- Knock Off
- Protect

Not much to say here. It clicks Superpower and hopes stuff dies, simple as that. Grassy Glide is p cool because it allows Lurantis to post a larger threat outside of TR if it manages to get going. I named it finale because it's one of my favorite tracks and it didn't exactly fit on anything else.

:porygon2: :eviolite:
CORE (Porygon2) @ Eviolite
Ability: Download
EVs: 248 HP / 40 Def / 156 SpA / 64 SpD
Quiet Nature
IVs: 0 Spe
- Ice Beam
- Thunderbolt
- Recover
- Trick Room

Porygon2 is like the most reliable Trick Room setter in DOU atm and it handles the Pokemon who would give Lurantis trouble (Naganadel and Celesteela), so it's self-explanatory why it's on this team. It didn't do much in my game because I had an badly played sequence on my end and I had to sacrifice it to a +1 Naganadel, but it helped in spirit. It's named CORE because the techno-beat to it felt like it fit Porygon2.

:volcanion: :safety_goggles:
Waterfall (Volcanion) @ Safety Goggles
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs: 248 HP / 252 SpA / 8 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Steam Eruption
- Heat Wave
- Earth Power
- Protect

Volcanion is also self-explanatory lol. Fucks over steels and Amoonguss while still being a strong attacker in its own right. Earth Power was something I changed after the game to hit Naganadel with. It was originally Toxic in case I got cheesed by like demon cress or smth but im more comfortable with Earth Power here. Waterfall is an astoundingly beautiful track, and Volcanion is a Water-type. That's literally my entire reasoning behind naming it that.

:diancie: :hard_stone:
Heartache (Diancie) @ Hard Stone
Ability: Clear Body
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
Brave Nature
IVs: 0 Spe
- Diamond Storm
- Body Press
- Trick Room
- Protect

Hard Stone with a Brave Nature hits really fucking hard and I love seeing Diancie do a lot of damage (in all seriousness I thought I handled Volcanion enough I could afford to forego Careful). Body Press was because I handled the Moonblast targets well enough and Diancie only has 2 coverage moves. Diancie sets Trick Room and checked DD kyube better than Celesteela, which was why it was suggested. No clue why I chose Heartache for Diancie but it fits.

:dragapult: :life_orb:
Ghost Fight (Dragapult) @ Life Orb
Ability: Clear Body
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
- Draco Meteor
- Shadow Ball
- Hydro Pump
- U-turn

I forgot to change this to Clear Body before the game lol. Infiltrator is still an ok ability with fringe uses tho.....kinda like all of Dragapult's abilities. Clear Body protects from Snarl and that seemed more relevant than screens or sub to me. Back to the mon itself, it did it's job pretty well during the game i'd say! Keeping Naganadel at bay and securing the Zapdos KO was also big. It was also the Pokemon I wrote my first analysis over, fitting. Naming Dragapult anything but Ghost Fight would be a crime.

:rillaboom: :assault_vest:
Bergentrückung (Rillaboom) @ Assault Vest
Ability: Grassy Surge
EVs: 176 HP / 136 Atk / 196 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Fake Out
- Grassy Glide
- High Horsepower
- U-turn

I went High Horsepower Rillaboom to help with the steels and Volcanion that it seemed like the team would struggle against otherwise. Fake Out is obviously great for Semiroom teams, and allowing Lurantis to use Grassy Glide is also cool. Bergentrückung was the best thing I had for Rillaboom tbh.

And that's basically it. This wasn't too descriptive or anything despite me being the DOU C&C leader because I didn't have as much to say on some of the mon choices. I can probs give a more in depth explanation of specific aspects of it if I get asked tho.

Memoric MajorBowman Biosci miltankmilk Actuarily Grandmas Cookin Xrn

Thank you for some of the best 5 weeks of my life. Seeing all of your words of support was worth all the scouting I did, and i'd do it all again if it meant I got to team with you again. If I team with any of you again it'd be beyond a pleasure. ily all <3

Also thank you to my fellow C&C leader for believing I was worth the 3k, hope I did everything you wanted me to and more.


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Although I didn't win a single game in this DPL I'm happy I could play it for the first time and win with so many great and nice teammates. I think I played my games fairly well, but my team choices really affected the results imo. I decided to share the ideas behind my teams and discuss a bit about the games.

W2 vs Z Strats

Z Strats scout.jpg

I didn't have a clear idea of what Z Strats was gonna bring since most of his teams were quite old, from SCL, but from the scout I thought he could bring some sort of balance with Lando and Celesteela. He also didn't had a high usage of Rilla or scarf Shifu so I decided that Nihilego could be a good option against him.


These were my 3 inicial ideas. The main idea was to have ways to deal with Metagross, Celesteela and Rillaboom while also having some speed control. I already had the Latios team a while ago and it's based on Nihilego and Volcanion great offensive synergy, since Nihilego has a lot of trouble breaking through steel types and fears Rilla, Volcanion is a nice choice pressuring both and appreciating Nihilego because of it's ability to KO Kyurem-B. The rest of the team covers some weakness of this core, Zeraora provides FO and Knock Off while Latios, Rilla and p2 checks ground types (that really annoy nihi and volc) while providing speed control, TW and icy wind, and checks to Psyspam and rain. The second one features Koko, an interesting mon to check amoonguss and mainly celesteela, it also provides speed control and has Nature's Madness what could help vs Kyurem-B and other steel types, which pairs very well with Nihi and mainly Lando. The last idea was a balance with Band Zygarde and CM Fini to weaken the steel types helping Nihi win in the late game. I decided to stick with this team but made some changes to make Nihi even more threatening.

:nihilego: :incineroar: :tapu fini: :whimsicott: :celesteela: :zygarde:

That first team had some problems tho, it's only form of speed control was scarf gene and it could be quite difficult for Nihi to win with little support, so SMB gave me the idea of using Whimsicott to exploit this weakness to nihi. I also changed gene to teela to be able to threaten stuff like metagross and opposing Celesteela and have another solid wincon. Incin could help vs Rilla, Kyube and p2 while Fini now had a support set with Nature's Madness and icy wind and some strange EVs that SMB did. Zygarde kept the band and could spread damage really easily, while being a nice partner to nihi.

I was very surprised when I saw a rain team with TR tho. The matchup wasn't ideal since TR was really annoying and ferro could easily wall nihi while kingdra could be very annoying to my main wincons, but if I managed to pull out a TW and p2 was gone I could actualy win. Unfortunately, I couldn't position myself well enough for that and Whimsicott got an unfortunate crit.

W5 vs Crunchman


I decided to only look at Crunchman's ssnl replays, but the fact that it would be his first match in SS and that he already had used a lot of archetypes before made me kinda unsure about what to bring.


My first idea was bringing CM Cresselia with subs, since his only check to that was Toxic Metagross, but I quickly put it aside. Spectrier also looked really threatening, but I also didn't like it that much. DD Pult was my choice, since it looked really great vs his teams and should be good against sun and rain, since I had lost last weak to rain and I think he had used sun before some times.


I tried to build with DD Pult a lot of times as you can see and I just couldn't fit it on a structure with Rilla that I actually liked, it was almost impossible to setup and I couldn't really fit Amoonguss because I needed Rilla to reset the terrain. So I ended up building a psyspam with Cinderace. Now pult could actually setup with 2 redirections and Cinderace could pressure mons that pult has some problems against, like fini, p2 and Incin (it kos all 3 in normal conditions).

:dragapult: :amoonguss: :indeedee-f: :mew: :celesteela: :cinderace:

The idea of the team is to setup with pult and win basically. Mew can provide TW if needed and make use of the terrain to use eforce. Celesteela is a nice wincon and with Wide Guard allows the team to not lose vs opposing psyspam and rain. Cinderace pressures fini, rilla, p2 and Incin and can pick some kos if the opposing team gets chipped.

The matchup I got was pretty much unwinnable, Stakataka could safely set the TR t1 and it could ko both of my redirections, and probably my whole team apart from Celesteela, and Amoonguss was free to Spore on the rest of the TR turns.

Ann nonima Akaru Kokuyo DaWoblefet KyleCole MADARAAAA RelicanthPrimal SingleThunder SMB Thanks for all my teammates and SMB for drafting me, I had a lot of fun playing, building and testing with you all. Hope that we can play in the same team again in the future.

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I am really excited for the victory of my team in my first DPL, my personal second team tour after dwcup. Congrats to all other teams too!
I closed with a 2-3 score so not the best at all, but I really think I learned a lot from this experience in preparation, teambuilding and playing, thanks to my amazing teammates and also the high level players I faced.

I decided to share the teams I used!
(Thanks n10siT for helping with the sprites pastes lol I was losing 2 hours trying to find a way to do it, so I will do a really short commentary on teams)

W1vsZeal (W)
This is a Nido-Rus rain team, I made only some little changes on zeraora moveset and genesect evs. Just an aggressive and really cool team! The team has double tailwind, double taunt, many damages, I won the game just paying attention to have a good position every turn.


W2vsToxigen (L)
A team by SMB inspiration with nihilego-celesteela, but I decided to go more offensive with a cb rilla (again) and not amoongus, with tailwind and not trick room on mew. My opponent used a ho whimsi heatran urshifu team, I lost vs a friend but I remember this was a really exciting and close match. But the team is good!


W3vsEnzonana (L)
I expected a balanced team by enzo, and I was right. My idea was to use a balanced team too with double substitute and try to take advantage in some repositioning turns, cause I expected a long game. I think I simply played poorly some turns and I lost.


W4vsMajorBowman (W)
After 2 losses in a row I needed a win. The team proposed me to use a tailroom team that can put much pressure looking to my opponent's scout and playstile. Relicanth Primal passed me his sun team, I tested and loved it. I won with a rain team, let's see if I can win with another weather, I thought. It happened, and a lucky crit of draco meteor turn one on my opponent's volcanion helped a lot.


FINALSvsCrunchman (L)
Finals time vs a homie. SMB's advice to use a lurantis team sounded good to me looking at my opponents teams. 2 tr setters, 2fakouters, Sub lurantis, band bulky zygarde, scarfini. I tested a lot, the team was really well done imo, the matchup was normal, but I lost also thanks to a crucial draco meteor crit on my bulky zygarde in misty terrain lol.


I wanna say thanks to all my teammates for these amazing weeks together. Thanks for all the support in preparation and the funny moments! I felt at home. Ann nonima KyleCole SingleThunder Tikkito Meminger21 DaWoblefet Akaru Kokuyo RelicanthPrimal. I hope other moments together will arrive soon. We won!
A special mention to my manager SMB for drafting me, for believing me and helping me during the tournament, huge thank you!
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Unfortunately the Lands fell just short of taking DPL but I'm proud of the run we had and I'm glad to finally go positive in a team tour after only 3.5 years of trying. Honestly going into DPL I wasn't in particularly good form and I hadn't signed up for the winter seasonal so I wasn't expecting to do well at all. Tenzai had faith in me and I think I mostly repaid it.

Week 1 vs Grandma's Cookin (W)
:incineroar: :celesteela: :naganadel: :landorus: :kyurem-black: :zeraora:

This was an interesting week considering I've been on the same team as Memoric in DWCOP and SCL recently so Memoric was pretty familiar with my builds and style. I knew I wanted to bring Incineroar here because I had a history of not using intimidate very often that Memoric had picked up on. I was trying Assault Vest Zeraora in tests and quite liked it but I eventually just settled with a Taunt + Snarl set. The remaining mons are just standard offensive mons.

In terms of the game I don't remember too much about my thought process honestly. Snarl Zeraora put in a ton of work and I got a lucky Meteor Beam dodge at one point to really maintain my advantage.

Week 2 vs Paraplegic (W)
:crobat: :tapu lele: :necrozma: :heatran: :urshifu: :amoonguss:

I had a lot of ideas for this week and somehow ended up arriving at the exact same 6 that Para brought the previous week. Para generally likes fatter pivot heavy teams so I wanted to either bring some kind of fat setup mon or bring something offensive. Sunrose wanted me to bring Cosmic Power Metagross but Qwello had used that in week 1 so I was worried that the Haxers might be prepared for it. I was using Scarf Final Gambit Victini a lot in tests but it felt too inconsistent to bring.
I eventually just settled on psyspam and coincidentally used the exact same 6 as Para had brought the previous week, although I ended up with some different sets. I tried to put 'tm' on the nicknames for all my mons but for whatever reason it only showed up on Urshifu. Going into the game I really wanted to force a short game because Tenzai had noted most of the games Para loses are shorter games. Going into turn 11 it was still 6v6 and I had 20 seconds left on my timer. Somehow I ended up clicking my way to victory.

Week 3 vs Toxigen (L)
:jellicent: :stakataka: :rillaboom: :landorus: :volcanion: :kyurem-black:

Week 3 marks the start of the YoBuddy vs Toxigen trilogy. Toxigen had used some HO teams with Urshifu and Heatran in the first two weeks so I wanted to bring something that would be strong against those mons. Traditionally semiroom has a good matchup against HO but Urshifu pressures the main Trick Room setters a lot so I wanted to try something else to make the Semiroom matchup better against Urshifu. I initally wanted to try Trick Room Necrozma without psychic terrain but Necrozma gets 2hko'd by Surging Strikes pretty easily and I running a Sitrus Berry to avoid the 2hko was making my builds pretty weak to Amoonguss so I scrapped the Necrozma idea. I also considered Gourgeist but those builds didn't get very far. Eventually I settled on trying Jellicent. I had been playing a bunch of BW test games and Jellicent beat Urshifu and Heatran quite well. It is pretty passive but it was fine in test games.

Jellicent's spread allows it to live Grassy Glide + a burned Grassy Glide. The Kyurem set is pretty weird, I wanted something that could beat Volcanion, Zygarde and run Toxic in that slot so I tried a bulky Kyurem set with Toxic. I kinda regret using Roost over Earth Power, the justification for Roost was that I could Toxic an opposing AV Kyurem and beat it 1v1. Dragapult was Infiltrator because I was scared of Substitute Volcanion but I ended up paying the price for using Infiltrator in the game.

I felt like I was going reasonably well in the game until my Kyurem-B was KO'd by Toxigen's Choice Scarf Kyurem-B. Honestly I didn't even know that was a set at the time and was presuming that Toxigen was running Assualt Vest. I think Jellicent might have actually had a chance in the endgame if I managed to land a Toxic on Volcanion that turn. Not having Clear Body on Dragapult and having Roost over Earth Power on Kyurem-B really hurt me though and I would definitely make those changes if you plan on using this team.

Week 4 vs Shadowmonstr7 (W)
:kommo-o: :ninetales: :venusaur: :blastoise: :zygarde: :tapu lele:

After a conversation with Memoric about a secret tech he wanted his SS players to try I ended up trying out Belly Drum Kommo-o this week (which was actually only tangentially related to Memoric's tech). The final product was pretty wack but Fespy and Shadow had said that they had a wild team, so I was content bringing something less solid that had potentent threats. The actual game felt fairly straightforward, we traded a bunch of mons early with our Zygardes and clicked our setup moves in the endgame. I found it pretty funny that +6 Kommo-o failed to KO +2 Registeel but managed to heal enough to survive Body Press.

Semifinals vs Toxigen (L)
:tyranitar: :excadrill: :crobat: :incineroar: :tapu fini: :latios:

After half the teams were eliminated at the end of the regular season the Lands had a bunch of players join our discord to help and they ended up being a big help and had a lot of input on my final 3 teams. As a result of having a lot of players there were a lot of ideas being thrown around, Sunrose wanted me to bring Cosmic Power Metagross and Memoric and Fespy wanted me to bring psyspam. I felt that Toxigen's teams were too offensive and had too many Lando-Is for Metagross to work out and both of our SS slots had used psyspam the week before so I settled on trying sand to give me ways of outspeeding Toxigen's offensive threats.

Fespy passed me a team that he built with Actuarily that I ended up editing for the game. The original team had Zapdos over Crobat but I think Zapdos is arguably unviable outside rain teams. Ironically I ended up facing a rain-less Zapdos team and unfortunately I also dropped the rock move on Tyranitar. Unfortunately I passed up a big opportunity to KO the Zapdos turn 2 and most of the game was me trying unsuccessfully to deal with his Tailwind turns.

Semifinals Tiebreakers vs Toxigen (W)
:indeedee-f: :amoonguss: :pheromosa: :heatran: :necrozma: :urshifu:

The first messaged posted in my prep channel for this game was Fespy saying I should bring Pheromosa psyspam. I then proceeded to build a bunch of increasingly weird semiroom teams for the week including sets such as slow Choice Band Kyurem-B and Gourgeist. Para eventually saw that I was struggling with my team so he also suggested using Fespy's Indeedee, Amoonguss, Pheromosa, Heatran psyspam core and I finally saw the light. Necrozma and Urshifu were pretty obvious choices for the last slots and Choice Scarf Urshifu and Pheromosa really helped to keep up offensive pressure. This team/core felt quite strong to me and I recommend trying out this or something similar.

In the game I managed to get off to an early lead but then I kinda started playing to not lose rather than to win and nearly lost as a result. I was pretty scared of losing my Heatran to something like High Horsepower Rillaboom. Fortunately Toxigen wasn't Occa Berry Metagross and I managed to put the Lands into the finals.

Finals vs Akaru Kokuyo (L)
:metagross: :rillaboom: :porygon2: :zeraora: :volcanion: :landorus:

Going into this game the Ducks hadn't really had a settled SS lineup and we were presuming that SMB had been the major factor behind most/all of the Duck's SS builds. The Duck's SS teams seemed fairly unique compared to a lot of the other teams in DPL. The main ideas we had were to bring hazards, Cosmic Power Metagross or an offensive electric. Eventually we settled with a Cosmic Power Metagross team. The Ducks had only used Lando-I once in DPL and SMB had been pretty outspoken about how he thought it was overrated and the Duck's fire type of choice was typically Incineroar so we felt that Metagross would be able to take advantage of those trends against them.

This week was probably the first week I actually felt confident going into my game. Building went smoother than most weeks, I didn't spend as much time building around random UR mons (although I need do a bunch of Nasty Plot Thundurus calcs at one point) and I played more test games than usual and won a higher proportion than normal. That confidence almost completely evaporated at team preview. Lando-I, Heatran, Encore Whimsicott and (potentially) Trick Tapu Fini all had excellent matchups against Cosmic Power Metagross and I ended up burning a lot of time trying to come up with a gameplan. If I managed to get the roll with Earth Power on bulky Dragon Dance Kyurem-B I might have been able to pull something off with Metagross and Volcanion but unfortunately most of this game felt like an uphill battle.

I nicknamed my Metagross Sunrose because Sunrose suggested bringing Cosmic Power Metagross every game after the first week (he even suggested Cosmic Power Metang in DUU to LDM at one point) and I ended up nicknaming the other mons after the players that suggested that mon for the team. Even though it lost I still think this team is solid and is one of my favourite teams from this DPL.

Thanks to all my teammates on the Lands and everyone else who joined to help out this year. I'm probably not going to play too much Pokemon until gen 9 rolls around but I'm pretty hyped for a gen 9 DWCOP and circuit.


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DLT Team Dump
by NotlPrimRose

For DLT i decided to make a ton of teams experimenting with stuff ive been wanting to try for a while. I ended up with a pretty diverse spread of teams that i want to share today. I know DLT isn't over, but most of the teams ive been using for dlt so far have been made public anyway, whether it be by me in the team bazaar or in the dou discord, so im really not worried about it at this point, i just want to share these teams so they're not just sitting in my builder in a folder for the next few weeks. Alright, enough stalling, lets get to the actual post:

Teams I Used

These are some of the teams i actually ended up using for laddering (at the time of writing this i havent qualified bc ive been busy but i plan to this weekend) These are teams i feel comfortable using in pretty much any matchup (not to say my other teams aren't, ive just had more time to learn these teams as ive had them for longer than a few weeks for the most part)

:metagross: :rillaboom: :incineroar: :landorus: :tapu fini: :naganadel:
Cosmic Power Metagross Balance


:urshifu: :incineroar: :rillaboom: :celesteela: :zygarde: :mew:
Snarl + Will-O-Wisp Mew Balance


:zapdos galar: :tsareena: :heatran: :tapu fini: :kyurem black: :mew:
Galarian Zapdos Bulky Offense


I've used more teams than these, ive used every team in this post at one point or another during this tournament, but these are the teams i feel the most comfortable with (im also just only including 3 for the sake of time tbh, this is gonna be a LONG post)

Alright, with that out of the way, lets get into the teams that i built specifically for this tournament. All of these i got to test against other dlters, and i'll be including replays if i can find them

:thundurus: :rillaboom: :metagross: :urshifu: :naganadel: :heatran:
Thundurus Offense

:thundurus: I wanted to use thundurus for prankster and good support options, but also its special atk being on par with zapdos, allowing it to hit the same calc magnet zapdos can. thundurus' prankster scary face and taunt allows this team to have good control of the speed even without factoring in naganadel's fast tailwind. This is good for our slower mons like heatran and metagross, but it also lets this team function without tailwind and thrive in it. Eerie impulse also allows it to check Thundurus is also not the easiest pokemon to ignore, magnet thunderbolt does great damage to neutral targets and heavily chunks if not kills anything unfortunate enough to be weak to it. The main weakness of this spread is its frailty, but this team is very offensive and i don't think that it's entirely a bad thing anyway.

:rillaboom: I chose rillaboom next to change the terrain away from misty terrain to allow thundy to twave easier (ironically, i ended up running scary face over twave anyway for the 100% accuracy lol) and high horsepower gives us a better matchup into steels like heatran that wall metagross and naganadel. Fake out is also nice for extra disruption and u turn allows it to pivot into bulkier mons like metagross.

:metagross: Speaking of metagross, the demon itself is an integral part of this team. I added this mon for steel roller to further troll fini, but its also good for mons like naganadel that you outspeed and ohko after a thunder wave as well as diancie even if it gets a defense boost. Toxic as an anti cheese measure and rocks for chip to punish excessive switches is also very nice for this team. Metagross also has good defensive utility on this team, as steel types generally do. Metagross is evd to ohko naga with steel roller and outspeed it after a scary face/in tailwind btw, ive explained what the spread does in my earlier posts as well.

:urshifu: Urshifu is a strong breaker that can clean up late game once its resists are gone. Urshifu also benefits from the 4 total mons that beat fini on this team, as well as heatran and naga for rillaboom and amoonguss, and terrains + psychic resists for the psyspam matchup, not to mention the heavy speed control this team posseses. In exchange, urshifu adds another layer of defense vs trick room, beats heatran and porygon2, and has decently strong priority in aqua jet that is great for picking off weakened targets.

:naganadel: Naganadel was added for being the fastest tailwind setter in the tier as well as having potent offensive coverage. It too benefits from thundurus' support options allowing it to more easily run away with games from getting special atk beast boosts. Naganadel + thundurus completely controls the speed vs offensive tailwind teams and prankster taunt + several ways to remove trick room setters helps with the trick room matchup as well.

:heatran: Heatran under tailwind is one of the best ways to break through teams in this tier and is something all teams have to look out for. This team has several answers to heatran's most common checks and lots of speed control to allow it to melt teams with its powerful eruptions

Overall, this was a very fun team to use, but i didnt end up using it much because i got tilted from naganadel missing too many attacks (no replays, i forgot to save them lol)

ok, it's been brought to my attention that this team is very similar to a team toxigen used in dpl ( so i'm just going to leave this note here saying someone did think of this before me. I haven't been keeping up with dpl much if at all, this was a complete accident, but it's still a very similar team, so i feel obligated to at least mention that here. sorry toxigen

:zapdos galar: :tsareena: :heatran: :tapu fini: :kyurem black: :mew:
Zapdos-Galar Bulky Offense

:zapdos galar: I wanted to build a team around Zapdos-Galar that used it to check forms of stat debuffs that arent intimidate, such as icy wind and snarl. It's speed and fighting flying coverage are also nice traits, as well as low sweep slowing down fast mons you can't icy wind like naganadel, zeraora, and sniping landorus with low sweep + hydro pump. This mon is a main source of immediate speed and damage in the early game as well as a fast pivot with u turn, and also provides utility in pressuring snarl mew with defiant and low sweep

:tsareena: Tsareena blocks priority as this team only has one protect and one fake out with no way to stop opposing fake out otherwise. It also provides taunt for the trick room matchup as well as power whip to hit grass types like fini which we're otherwise weak to and triple axel for lando and pult. The combination of zapdos and tsareena can heavily restrict a lot of teams (the snarl wow mew team i included above being a prime example:

:heatran: Heatran was added in addition to fini to form a strong offensive core. Heatran removes threats to fini and Fini removes fighting and ground types for heatran (with the help of speed control like icy wind or tailwind) Life orb heatran also helps with the trick room matchup with flash cannon hitting diancie. Life orb heat wave in combination with fini or mew's super fang is a pretty efficient way of breaking through teams

:tapu fini: Fini provides trick as an anti cheese measure and fires off decently powerful dazzling gleams. This fini could arguably be calm mind but i prefer the immediate damage and speed of specs on this team, fini can outspeed and ohko threats like lando with the help of low sweep for example. Another thing would be to use trick carefully and only when necessary, as losing your specs is not ideal in the vast majority of situations

:kyurem black: Kyurem black is another form of speed control and an anti cheese measure with dragon tail, which is also a soft trick room check. Freeze dry and earth power is surprisingly potent coverage and ive found that, at least on ladder, freeze dry + dtail is better than fusion bolt + ice beam in a lot of situations (gastrodon and vish are ladder staples that get destroyed by freeze dry, its also good into rain bc it slaps kingdra and urshifu)

:mew: Super fang is broken. In all seriousness, mew provides tailwind for speed control, rocks to get chip on things that would otherwise live your attacks, fake out for disruption and super fang to chunk everything in the tier that isnt named dragapult or spectrier. Mew is also faster than most pokemon on this team, which means super fang is usually coming out before it's partner attacks, which is great. Super fang is just an insanely clickable move, there are very few situations where it doesn't make your current situation better

Overall, this is one of my favorite teams period right now and i used it frequently on ladder. This team is really good into balance and semiroom teams, but also can function into more offensive teams

Replays posted above :D

:sylveon: :landorus: :incineroar: :rillaboom: :porygon2: :urshifu:
Sylveon Semiroom

:sylveon: I wanted to use sylveon because it has a genuine niche as a calm mind pokemon that can sweep late game with hyper voice and allows you to run other water types like volcanion and urshifu that you typically wouldnt use alongside fini, the other main calm minder in the tier. Sylveon is this team's win condition and synergizes well with porygon2, landorus and urshifu very well (porygon2 provides trick room, landorus because fairy ground is broken and urshifu slaps steels and fires) I don't actually know what the evs do here, i got them from gma lol

:Landorus: Landorus is a good source of immediate damage that can hit most things in the game for at least neutral damage. It also synergizes with landorus, as fairy and ground coverage is a very potent combination. Landorus also has psychic to hit opposing landorus and amoonguss. Focus blast also wasn't as necessary here as this team has ways to deal with both celesteela and porygon2

:incineroar: Incineroar was added mainly for disruption but its fire dark typing both offensively and defensively compliment this team. This team has some offensive uses for incin, such as removing rillaboom and celesteela (after meteor beam, though it can also bait meteor beam effectively) I chose safety goggles amoonguss because i needed another spore switchin, and said spore switchin being incineroar, who can easily pivot in due to its bulk and hit it hard in retaliation seemed like the best option. Rocks have been on the decline from what i can tell anyway, so its not like not running boots is a massive loss anyway

:rillaboom: Rillaboom provides terrain control for this team to help with the psyspam matchup as well as providing another fake out for sylveon. grassy glide is also great late game for picking off chipped targets, wood hammer hits hard and u turn forms a solid pivot core between rillaboom and incineroar. Rillaboom also gives sylveon 12% recovery each turn with its terrain, which allows it to effectively sub every other turn forever as long as grassy terrain is up. Even disregarding that, the sheer amount of free recovery that you get is just insane and makes sylveon very hard to remove

:porygon2: Porygon2 is a bit of an odd pick here but i think it fits this team well. Porygon2's coverage and bulk make it difficult to remove and allows it to patch up some bad matchups for this team. I've also found myself not really clicking tailwind proactively, only using it in retaliation to opposing tailwind or when i needed it to outspeed something. With this team, i thought trick room would be a more effective way of combating opposing trick room in a way that would fit my playstyle well. Trick room invalidates opposing tailwind and can reverse opposing trick room in unfavorable situations. In the end, i was satisfied with how porygon2 performed on this team

:urshifu: Urshifu was added as a way to help with this team's matchup against fire types like torkoal and heatran. Its lifer orb aqua jet and powerful coverage also makes it great at closing out games alongside sylveon or lando. Aqua jet helps wiht lando and provides more priority for removing chipped targets. I chose a life orb protect set because i didnt feel the need for the extra power or another u turn, whereas protect came in handy several times during the games ive played with the team

Overall, this is a really interesting team that fits my playstyle pretty well and is something that i would definitely consider trying out


(both of these were vs my teams or variations of my teams, which is a pretty cool coincidence)

:celesteela: :tapu koko: :kyurem black: :incineroar: :landorus: :mew:
Tapu Koko Setup Spam

:tapu koko: I wanted to use tapu koko on setup spam for its synergy with kyurem black. Tapu koko chunks mons that kyurem can't outright ohko with nature's madness, has electroweb to slow things down to kb can outspeed them, and can ohko urshifu with volt switch. It also has taunt to shut down trick room which is nice. Electric terrain also checks sleep and provides terrain control to help with psyspam. The evs let it live urshifu surging strikes with sitrus, ohko it with volt switch and outspeed timid naganadel.

:kyurem black: Kyurem black is a potent win condition with dragon dance along with its bolt beam coverage, and fusion bolt in particular is boosted by electric terrain which further adds to its synergy with koko. Chople berry was chosen here for the item, i was debating between haban and chople but decided on chople on the merits that koko can taunt it to stop tailwind and electroweb when next to lando or kb so they outspeed and can ohko. Snarl mew also helps with the matchup. We have more counterplay to urshifu, but because urshifu hits through protect taking hits from it is more of a priority than naganadel

:celesteela: Celesteela was added as a secondary wincon that also has defensive utility with wide guard. Flamethrower was chosen over air slash because flamethrower lets it hit steel types like genesect, metagross and opposing celesteela. I also used max speed steela here as an electroweb benchmark so you can meteor beam zapdos after an electroweb for example. It would also be for lando but lando is immune to electroweb

:landorus: Landorus was added for immediate damage and patches up matchups like heatran for example. Sub was chosen because nothing else was needed and sub is a great way to punish switches, which is great because a lot of things are forced out by lando

:mew: Mew is entirely utility here. Fake out is for disruption to generate free turns for kyurem black to set up, tailwind provides speed control for landorus and celesteela, pollen puff into kyurem black or celesteela can end games on the spot and snarl patches up some bad matchups vs special attackers like naganadel. I originally had coaching on mew for kyurem b but coaching + kb can be kinda awkward anyway, and more of this team benefits from pollen puff

:incineroar: Incin was also disruption and forms a double fake out core between incin and mew. Knock off is also nice for p2. This spread also maintains the volcanion steam eruption benchmark while outspeeding landorus in tailwind.

This team is pretty solid overall, koko is unironically a good option on setup spam and kb + celesteela is a good setup core (*does my best false swipe gaming impression* UNFOOORTUNATELY i dont have replays with this team, i forgot to save them)

:crobat: :urshifu: :zeraora: :rillaboom: :genesect: :nihilego:
Crobat + Shift Gear Genesect Offense

:crobat: The idea behind this team was to use crobat and shift gear genesect together. Crobat taunts trick room setters and can chunk things with super fang and genesect removes stuff like diancie and psyspam mons that threaten crobat. I chose max hp sitrus crobat here because i see crobat sticking around as long as possible as more important than being able to beat urshifu and rilla slightly better, both of which we have plenty of counterplay to anyway. This can easily be changed though

:genesect: Genesect is this team's main win condition. Genesect at +2 (coaching/download + one shift geat) deletes most of the tier and outspeeds every relevant pokemon in this tier including scarfers with this spread.

:zeraora: Zeraora was added for it's synergy with genesect. Fake out gives it turns to set up safely, coaching makes it hit even harder and take physical hits even better, and it also improves matchups vs pokemon like urshifu, tapu fini and dragapult

:rillaboom: Rillaboom provides a second fake out, grassy glide is good for removing chipped targets and high horsepower was chosen to heat steel types, mainly heatran. I also just prefer this rilla set on offensive teams unless something else is needed for whatever reason

:urshifu: Urshifu removes steel and fire types that this team would otherwise be weak to and ice punch helps with the zygarde matchup, as this team has one zygarde resist and no moves to hit it super effectively. I ended up using life orb because band felt too restrictive in testing

:nihilego: This was originally a landorus, but i realized that nihilego works extremely well with shift gear genesect and hits this team structure very well. Nihilego removes fire types for genesect and this team already has good answers to steel types. nihilego is also supported by crobat's speed control and super fang. Crobat can also threaten rillaboom and urshifu which would otherwise threaten nihilego. On top of all of this, nihilego can also function as a secondary win condition


:ninetales alola: :mew: :heatran: :landorus: :zeraora: :urshifu:
Nasty Plot Ninetales Hail

:ninetales alola: Yellow Paint used nasty plot ninetales in invitationals, so i decided to try it too. I used the same set they did, blizzard and moonblast for stabs, nasty plot to set up and protect because its protect and this is a doubles format. Nasty plot tales acts as a win condition but also does valuable things without setup like offensively checking lando and providing hail for this team (fast blizzard is also great late game) and its ability to bluff a standard veil set makes it even more threatening

:mew: I wanted to use mew because, despite not having it on ninetales, i still wanted aurora veil because ninetales is very frail and appreciates the boost from veil allowing it to survive a little longer. I wanted to run blizzard on mew but it was just too weak factoring in spread reduction so i used ice beam instead. Mew also provides tailwind for speed control which is nice for pokemon like heatran that have middling speed, and fake out for disruption so ninetales can safely set up.

:heatran: Heatran removes diancie with flash cannon and removes steel types which ninetales can't hit. Heatran can also come in on most things that ninetales is weak to.

:landorus: This landorus set is relatively interesting and i like it a lot. I initially added it for some more immediate damage, checking steel and fire types and its good coverage (its also just one of the easiest pokemon to slap onto teams) but then i remembered it got weather ball, which it can use to ohko zygarde and opposing landorus as well as hitting amoonguss. It's similar to psychic but has the added benefit of surprise factor and beating zygarde

:zeraora: Zeraora provides taunt for the trick room matchup and fake out for disruption for ninetales to set up more safely. Zeraora can also help with some bad matchups like fini and dragapult. I didnt use expert belt here because i didn't feel like ohkoing pult or urshifu was that big of a deal for this team, and the longevity from sitrus is more consistently useful for this team

:urshifu: Urshifu + Landorus is a strong offensive duo and urshifu also acts as a trick room soft check (close combat ohkos p2 and surging strikes ohkos diancie) I chose choice band poison jab urshifu to help with the fini matchup, and it needed choice band for the power to do enough damage to it

(no replays this time, i forgot to save my games again)

:torkoal: :venusaur: :diancie: :indeedee-f: :necrozma: :pheromosa:
Speed Swap Pheromosa Sunroom

:torkoal: This team started with torkoal. I wanted to make a sunroom team with diancie, but also try using venusaur with torkoal. This torkoal is pretty standard, eruption charcoal does good damage even to resisted targets and actually hits harder than heatran's eruptions due to the sun. Torkoal also removes the steel types diancie struggles with, making diancie and torkoal a very threatening combination able to dish out a crazy amount of damage

:venusaur: Venusaur acts as a fast attacker for this otherwise fairly slow team. I chose earth power and weather ball to solidify some shaky matchups like celesteela, heatran, metagross, and so on, and leaf storm is a strong nuke that does good damage to neutral targets and hits things like urshifu hard. Fast sleep powder is also really good, and venusaur loves psychic terrain as well

:diancie: Diancie alongside torkoal or necrozma is a major source of damage for this team. It benefits from torkoal's sun lowering the damage taken from water type attacks, and venusaur being able to outright remove a lot of its checks. Weakness policy also allows it to outright win games if your opponent gets careless and doesn't respect the possibility of weakness policy or just overestimates the amount of damage an attack will do to it

:indeedee: Venusaur doesn't have protect and misty terrain is annoying for it so indeedee makes sense as an addition to this team. Helping hand is good utility for this team and follow me allows diancie or necrozma to get trick room up safely. Eject button is also great for momentum and allows you to function better into opposing terriains. Canceling the pivot effect of u turn is also a nice bonus to have

:necrozma: Necrozma was added as a psychic terrain abuser and trick room setter. I chose goggles because i wanted to run protect on it and needed an amoonguss switchin under trick room, and because goggles torkoal kinda sucks i settled on putting it on necrozma

:pheromosa: Pheromosa is another fast attacker that has very scary coverage. Fast u turn is also a great attribute to have for a team like this, and it appreciates psychic terrain blocking priority so it doesn't have to worry about being faked out. Speed swap is the main reason its here and can outright win games when used on torkoal, diancie, or necrozma

(no replays, sorry)

:porygon2: :diancie: :volcanion: :landorus: :rillaboom: :dragapult:
Porygon2 + Diancie Semiroom

:porygon2: :diancie: i've been trying to avoid doing this, but in order to explain this team the best i can, i really think it's best to go over these two together, as the team startd around these two as a basic premise. The idea was, as much as i love diancie semiroom, setting trick room with it is much harder to do as opposed to porygon2 semiroom teams. There's just so many more things that immediately threaten diancie, whereas with p2, most counterplay (toxic, knock off, trick) is moreso about beating it in the long game. So my idea here was to use porygon2 as a more consistent way to set trick room while still being able to use minimal disruption with diancie being a source of damage under trick room and secondary setter, which also allows you to reset trick room while its still up (trick room twice effectively resets your trick room turns assuming trick room is up to begin with)

:volcanion: volcanion is another pokemon for damage under trick room, and also helps diancie deal with the steel types that normally give it trouble. I chose earth power here to help with opposing volcanion and naganadel and safety goggles because i wanted an amoonguss switchin that could also threaten it and i didnt feel like shuca was necessary here

:rillaboom: Rillaboom does the same things here as it does on the other team's ive posted in this post, so to save time i won't repeat myself anymore, but this rillaboom has knock to weaken p2 and knock off celesteela's power herb

:landorus: Landorus is a major source of damage outside of trick room, and has psychic to improve the opposing landorus and amoonguss matchups. Again, its role is pretty much the same as the other teams ive posted earlier, not gonna repeat myself to save time

:dragapult: Dragapult was added to beat faster threats like naganadel, as well as shadow ball being insanely spammable into most teams. It was originally specs but i changed it to life orb because i found myself wanting to switch moves on several occasions in testing. Modest life orb is about as strong as timid specs (what i was using) anyway and the flexibility is worth much more than the drop in speed, which is really only important for really niche mons like spectrier and koko


:politoed: :tornadus: :tsareena: :urshifu: :genesect: :tapu koko:
Tapu Koko Rain

:Tapu koko: Tapu koko is a very underrated pokemon in the current meta (shoutouts to that one guy that thought vikavolt was better than it) and while i don't think it's amazing, it certainly has some things going for it, and i decided to use some of those things on a rain team. The benefit of koko on rain is terrain control, which helps with one of rain's hardest matchups (psyspam) while also powering up its own and genesect's thunders. Electroweb is also good for speed control and hits decently hard because of the terrain boost and specs. Koko on rain is actually legit imo, and i made this team to prove that

:politoed: You can't have a rain team without a rain setter, so i chose politoed, mostly because i didnt feel like i needed pelipper's wide guard or a second tailwind. encore helps vs setup and fake out, though ive rarely had to click it in testing, mostly just helping hand and scald

:tornadus: Tornadus was added for prankster tailwind, which is very threatening when paired with tsareena, which deters fake out. Hurricane + weather ball coverage is also nice and hits decently hard when boosted by life orb

:TSAREENA: Tsareena is this team's priority check, and has taunt which helps with this team's trick room matchup. The evs let it live a sludge bomb from landorus while outspeeding naganadel in tailwind and ohkoing dragapult with triple axel. Tsareena also appreciates rain reducing the power of fire type attacks

:urshifu: Urshifu is the main rain abuser of this team. Urshifu has very little switch ins when boosted by rain, and the ones it does have are pretty well covered on this team. Urshifu is this team's main way of breaking through teams, and priority aqua jet boosted by rain is insanely strong for a 40 base power move

:genesect: I chose av thunder genesect because i felt like the longevity and sponging hits was more valuable than the extra speed from scarf when we have prankster tailwind and fast electroweb from koko. Genesect appreciates rain reducing its fire weakness (it can actually live a lot of special fire attacks now) and electric terrain boosting the power of thunder


:landorus therian: :crobat: :heatran: :urshifu: :rillaboom: :dragapult:
Band Landorus Offense

:landorus therian: Choice band is unironically landot's best set rn, which is so crazy to think about, this tier is lowkey kinda cursed if you think about it, but that's not the point. Band landorus has some pretty good utility moves in knock and u turn, its best stab move superpower (i know what i said) and, of course, explosion. Explosion is a powerful spread move that deletes a ton of stuff in the tier. This is a really fun mon lol

:crobat: Crobat actually has pretty good synergy with landot. It removes urshifu and rilla with brave bird, taunts trick room setters, and lansot appreciates tailwind due to it's middling speed. I ran sharp beak max atk here to ohko urshifu and fast rilla variants

:heatran: Heatran further trolls rillaboom and serves as a trick room soft check with life orb flash cannon. It also resists explosion which is nice for lando so it has some mons it can boom next to (exploding on heatran isnt ideal but you can do it ig)

:urshifu: Urshifu is another trick room soft check, being able to kill both of the main tr setters in the tier, and adds another protect so bandorus can boom next to more stuff. Aqua jet also allows it to check landoi once its been chipped

:rillaboom: Rillaboom is a fast high horsepower variant for heatran and provides terrain control so we don't immediately lose to psyspam. Grassy glide is also just a good move

:dragapult: Modest life orb dragapult to deal with faster threats like naganadel but also gives lando a normal immunity to boom next to. Life orb is a more flexible item than specs and the extra power of modest specs doesn't give you any kos on things that you dont already get as far as i'm aware

(no replays for this one, sorry)

:registeel: :porygon2: :volcanion: :rillaboom: :landorus: :zeraora:
Registeel Semiroom

:registeel: Registeel is generally outclassed by cosmic power metagross but out of curiosity and boredom i decided to use it anyway. The set is standard, the evs are an old spread that i don't really remember the purpose of but i didn't feel like calcing another so i used this one

:porygon2: Porygon2 was added as a trick room setter to compliment registeel's low speed. I chose it over diancie because i didn't feel like diancie was consistent enough in testing and porygon2 also helps with landorus and patches some bad matchups for this team like celesteela for example

:volcanion: Volcanion was added as a damage source under trick room. I gave it toxic or a 4th move as an anti cheese measure and p2 counterplay. Safety goggles over shuca because i felt like the lando matchup was playable enough to where i could afford it

:rillaboom: Rillaboom serves the same purpose as it does on every other semiroom team i've posted, but it also provides free turns for regi to set up iron defenses. Wood hammer because nothing else was needed

:landorus: Landorus was added for immediate damage and to beat pokemon like heatran outside of trick room. Psychic was chosen almost entirely to hit opposing landorus

:zeraora: Zeraora is secondary disruption for registeel, knock off weakens p2, taunt as an anti cheese measure and plasma fists hits things like urshifu and fini. I really considered coaching for registeel but nothing else on the team really benefit from it and taunt was more consistently useful in testing

(no replays)

:hawlucha: :zygarde: :rillaboom: :heatran: :genesect: :urshifu:
Hawlucha Hyper Offense

:hawlucha: Hawlucha has a niche as a fast tailwind setter with coaching and taunt. Body press allows hawlucha to invest more in its bulk while actually outdamaging close combat due to the grassy seed boost. Hawlucha has other support options, such as quick guard for example, but i didn't feel like these were necessary

:zygarde: Zygarde was added as a coaching recipient for hawlucha that can break teams under tailwind with thousand arrows, which currently has 2 resists in the tier (rillaboom, tsareena) at the time of writing. Zygarde's extreme speed is also occasionally useful to pick off weakened targets. It also has toxic as a last ditch effort vs things like cresselia

:rillaboom: Rillaboom is vital to this team, as it provides grassy terrain for hawlucha to get its grassy seed activated. Other than that its a pretty standard rilla, and theres nothing to say i havent already said in this post

:heatran: Heatran is just another pokemon that can break teams under tailwind with powerful eruptions. Another standard set here, i don't have much to say that i havent already

:genesect: Genesect was added for immediate speed and coverage that helps vs faster threats like naganadel, dragapult, and urshifu. It's also a trick room soft check with iron head to hit diancie

:urshifu: Urshifu is another coaching target with life orb because i wanted at least two protects and you dont lose much power by just using life orb. Poison jab was added as a way to hit fini, which i would normally only run on band but this team has coaching so it's sort of fine anyway. Urshifu is also a trick room soft check, as it removes both trick room setters

(no replays again)

Hall of Fame

These are my favorite teams that i've made public so far, all in one place! I think this is a helpful way to show which ones of my teams still hold up today, and if nothing else it just proves i've come a long way from using, like, buzzwole ttar stuff lol

Balance (Tailwind)

Balance (Trick Room)

:sylveon: :landorus: :incineroar: :rillaboom: :porygon2: :urshifu:
Sylveon Trick Room Balance


Setup Spam


:dracovish: :tyranitar: :heatran: :tsareena: :zeraora: :mew:
Mystic Water Dracovish Sand



:ninetales alola: :mew: :landorus: :heatran: :zeraora: :urshifu:
Nasty Plot Ninetales Hail



:indeedee-f: :necrozma: :naganadel: :heatran: :urshifu: :amoonguss:
Standard Psyspam

:tapu lele: :necrozma: :heatran: :naganadel: :amoonguss: :urshifu:
Eject Button Tapu Lele Psyspam

Hyper Offense

:tapu lele: :naganadel: :zygarde: :urshifu: :heatran: :amoonguss:
Tapu Lele Psychic Terrain Offense

:landorus therian: :crobat: :rillaboom: :heatran: :urshifu: :dragapult:
Bandorus Offense

:crobat: :urshifu: :zeraora: :genesect: :nihilego: :rillaboom:
Crobat + Shift Gear Genesect Offense

:crobat: :zygarde: :heatran: :genesect: :rillaboom: :urshifu:
Crobat Offense

:hawlucha: :zygarde: :heatran: :urshifu: :genesect: :rillaboom:
Hawlucha Offense

:thundurus: :metagross: :rillaboom: :urshifu: :heatran: :naganadel:
Thundurus Offense

:genesect: :zeraora: :urshifu: :landorus: :rillaboom: :naganadel:
Shift Gear Genesect Offense

Alright, that's everything! All in all that's 12 new teams (i think) as well as some new ones in the hall of fame section that i didn't think needed descriptions but i still wanted to include anyway (so 15 new teams in total? i may have counted wrong) I might add, like, short descriptions for the hall of fame teams later but a lot of them already have them as they've been in my past posts or this current post. Though at the same time I've also gained a deeper understanding of how to use some of these teams as i've had more time to learn them and get better as a player in general, so for now i'll just say maybe but idk. I hope at least some of these teams are helpful to you, i really enjoyed making them. Have a nice day :D
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A reflection on Kartana

From the beginning of the crown tundras release, Kartana proved to be an extremely powerful pokemon. In the beginning, we saw sets like focus sash and sub+scope lens or white herb, it didn't really take off until tailwind started finding its way onto most sets. the introduction to tailwind hyper offence saw the meta shift into a few distinct styles, tailwind offence, psyspam with trick room tailwind or both, and things that beat either of those but not normally both. as the who has the fastest tailwind option seemed to take off the meta only got more and more centralized. in this post, I will aim to highlight some notable teams that reside in my builder from this era, and give a thought process into their design, or if I didn't make it how I used it.

starting off with my favourite team of this era:
:metagross::tapu_fini::zapdos::dragapult::kartana::moltres-galar: lure metagross anti meta (was also team of the week yippie)
this team starts off with resident heatran lure; occa metagross. a combination of occa berry plus stomping tantrum while not outright killing it, essentially removes heatrans main source of damage in eruption. it also sets the ever-important stealth rocks to deal some helpful residual damage should any of the common kartana checks wish to enter the field. tapu fini allows for a late game win con in calm mind, this of course requires the removal of opposing kartana, rillaboom, and zeraora. zapdos come in next as a secondary tailwind setter that also helps with beating kartana and rillaboom. specs dragapult is one of the main damage dealers of the team, while its draco meteor is technically reduced by misty terrain the interaction rarely tended to come into play, clear body is preferred for getting around sticky webs which were on the rise during the creation of this team otherwise, infiltrator would have been better. kartana is here has its broken, and functions as the main tailwind setter on the team, it is truly the most pivotal team member and without it sadly this team is just not good anymore. scope lens for max damage as having a 50% crit rate on leaf blade is just wild. finally the team is rounded out with a secondary kartana resist that also sets up and sweeps many unprepared teams with nasty plot boosted fiery wrath.

latias hyper offence:
:heatran::latias::urshifu-rapid-strike::kartana::rillaboom::kyurem-black: original paste
:latias::heatran::zygarde::kartana::zeraora::urshifu-rapid-strike: standard version
:latias::heatran::zygarde::urshifu-rapid-strike::kartana::rillaboom: scarf lati version (bait naganadel teams into assuming safety)
ah, latias week. my first ever "meta breaking" team of this format. while quickly overshadowed by naganadel this team stands as one fo my proudest creations. you standard tailwind hyper offence build aside from latias which 1. beats urshifu, kartana, zygarde, and lando all in one slot 2. sets up flash fire for heatran through self procing with mystical fire. 3. acts as a switch in to many common moves during this format through its many resists as a dragon type. more reliable than naganadel in this fashion, but just not nearly fast enough. this team was a noob stomper when I passed it to a friend to play in osdt and let you get away with pretty much anything while winning kartana mirrors through its superior speed tier. not a whole lot else to say as everyone knows what this style of team does at this point, but latias really was the thing that brought it all together.

psyspam builds:
:heatran::urshifu-rapid-strike::necrozma::amoonguss::kartana::indeedee-f: Actuarily build
:necrozma::tapu_lele::naganadel::kartana::urshifu-rapid-strike::heatran: naga build (idk where I got this sorry, probably Z Strats tho)
this style of team -which could actually afford to drop kartana sometimes- uses necrozma + lele or indeedee to put out as much damage as possible while maintaining a preferred speed control which kept them in advantage whether it be tailwind or trick room. many even carried both.

sticky webs:
:kyurem-black::rillaboom::incineroar::tapu_fini::metagross::ribombee: Z Strats triple av webs
:moltres-galar::ribombee::kyurem-black::urshifu-rapid-strike::rillaboom::heatran: gmolt webs
rays team focuses on trading effectively with stupidly bulky mons that maintain a speed advantage through webs as well as a specs fini and jolly incin that outspeed -1 kartana (invented by Fespy) my version uses a similar idea however trading metagross for gmolt as a setup sweeper for psyspam, urshifu over fini for physical damage instead of special, and heatran over incin for that important fire coverage on kartana.

overall I think the meta is better without Kartana and I'm glad its gone, but I do miss some aspects of that era partially because i hold some bias due to me popping off in the building department a fair bit, something i haven't really been able to achieve a lot lately.


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:necrozma: :diancie: :volcanion: :rillaboom: :zeraora: :landorus:
Calm Mind Necrozma Semiroom

I had the idea to use calm mind necrozma because it's fairly naturally bulky and psychic + ground is really good coverage. The rest of the team is fairly standard semiroom. I ran snarl zera bc it's good into naganadel and is just a based tech in general, and rilla can fit knock anyway. You could put goggs on diancie instead of necro and give necro lefties/sitrus, which would definitely work as an item composition, but i like goggs on necrozma bc it can actually threaten amoonguss back + i just don't like goggles diancie in general, i like weakness policy more. Overall it's a pretty solid team that's pretty intuitive to use overall

Test game:

:tyranitar: :dracozolt: :tsareena: :urshifu: :mew: :genesect:
Dracozolt Sand ft. Teal/That Dude

This was a team i helped That Dude make bc they wanted to make dracozolt sand. After we added tsareena for lando and prioblock, i couldn't think of anything other that having good p2 checks for the tr matchup, so we used urshifu here (I believe life orb was their idea, i don't remember) They suggested mew as a tailwind option and i suggested this set specifically to further solidify the lando matchup and weaken opposing teams. Genesect was my idea iirc, i wanted some immediate speed outside of sand and coverage to offensively check opposing gene, naganadel, ect. Genesect checked all the boxes (flash cannon was That Dude's suggestion) I contributed band ttar (band is it's best set fight me) and That Dude contributed the dracozolt set. Imo this is another really good sand build. I think dracovish is better than dracozolt overall, but this team highlights what dracozolt does well that vish can't, like ohkoing zyg w/ draco for example, and covers a lot of it's common weaknesses

Unintentional test vs Mack Knife:

:cinderace: :landorus: :tapu fini: :genesect: :zeraora: :mew:
Cinderace Balance

The idea here was that ace has some nice offensive synergy with a lot of common mons, like lando and fini, so i made a balance team featuring it. With this team it's very important to get rocks up early, it lets cinderace ohko things it can't otherwise, like lando with pyro ball and securing the ko on p2 with hjk (with eviolite... yeah this mon is kinda crazy) One thing i will say about this team is it's a bit weird for a fini build structurally. Most fini cores are the defensive backbone of your team, like fini + kb, fini + p2, fini + metagross, and so on, but this team doesn't really have that which can feel a bit awkward at times

:mew: :volcanion: :tsareena: :celesteela: :zeraora: :diancie:
Trick Room Mew Semiroom

This team was inspired by some of Meminger's teambuilding cometition submissions. I made a team using tr mew bc it has infinite coverage has enough spa to actually get ohkos with it. EVs let it ohko tran and zyg with ep and ice beam respectively. the def evs are a dump that could go into speed if you want. I used snarl zera again bc it's heat, Celesteela made an appearance as a secondary wincon, tsareena blocks priority and can act as a defensive switch in over the course of a game due to av adding to it's bulk, and diancie and volcanion are just semiroom staples that work well together. Very cool build, would recommend


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sticky webs:
:kyurem-black::rillaboom::incineroar::tapu_fini::metagross::ribombee: Z Strats triple av webs
rays team focuses on trading effectively with stupidly bulky mons that maintain a speed advantage through webs as well as a specs fini and jolly incin that outspeed -1 kartana (invented by Fespy) my version uses a similar idea however trading metagross for gmolt as a setup sweeper for psyspam, urshifu over fini for physical damage instead of special, and heatran over incin for that important fire coverage on kartana.
I've got a feeling that that this team originated earlier than you thought :P


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So now that I'm out of OSDT I thought I'd post one of my favourite teams I built. Tbh I didn't build a lot of custom teams throughout my run and instead piloted a lot of remakes and teams passed to me, but when I matched up vs Nido-Rus in r10 I wanted to try to build something new and was happy with the result:

:pheromosa: :scrafty: :mew: :volcanion: :stakataka: :rillaboom:
Phero Staka Semiroom

Basically I was afraid of nido bringing torkoal+diancie vs me since that was good vs a lot of the ID ferrothorn squads I was using, but also wanted to be really solid against stuff like DD zygarde and kyube.

This team netted me two wins (vs nido, vs lemurro) in OSDT and also did very well vs mostly anyone i tested it against including a few other OSDT finalists, so I hope yall enjoy it too! : D
  • Pheromosa: strong lead when paired with fake out mew that can hit a lot of the meta for SE damage or strong u-turn chunk if you can't secure a ko on anything. Also effective as a late game cleaner / revenge killer.
  • Mew: fast fake out utility with psychic + earth power is good vs urshifu and heatran. Trick room in last slot gives you a bit of an unexpected speed control option - recommend bringing in a slow attacker like volcanion or stakataka on the turn you tr with mew.
  • Scrafty: I think this is a bit of a slept on intimidate user compared to Incineroar, the main reason being you match up a lot better against the main threats you want to intimidate in this meta in Kyurem and Zygarde, and can hit back for SE damage. You also take 3 lando-i earth powers and can ice punch it in return. Only shame is no pivot move makes scrafty harder to use.
  • Volcanion: pretty standard glue mon on this type of semiroom build, enough said.
  • Stakataka: another mon I think is a bit of a sleeper pick because it is so good at checking opposing TR. STABs do big damage while heat crash ohkos standard amoonguss which is badass. Versus nidorus i was actually rock slide > stone edge because I was slightly scared of toise + setup redirection, but generally speaking i think edge is better.
  • Rillaboom: rilla does rilla things, self explanitory. But it is good on this team to have a good ground resist and fini check imo.
Last thing I will say is there is still some room for changes and innovation on this team:
  • Phero can run axel > ice beam. I'm paranoid of missing axel, but it breaks sash naga as well as sub lando-i and zygarde which this team wants to deal with
  • Mew can honestly run anything, I just had a bias in osdt towards offensive tr setting mews
  • Scrafty can run head smash > ice punch to get some neat hits vs stuff like volcanion and zapdos
  • Stakataka can forgo heat crash for body press and/or possibly protect over either the third attacking move or trick room


Prank your friends or haters with one of the most obnoxious ladder villian's epic squad!! tbh its like, not that bad when you use better sets lol.

:rillaboom: :tapu lele: :dracovish: :nihilego: :whimsicott: :mew:
mewinneryouloser/bigstinkypoo 2.0 squad

Also for reference here's (as far as I can tell) the original squad in case you want to have a slightly easier time knowing what to do vs them if you see them:


Banned deucer.
Now that GenOne and Nido are knocked out of osdt (sorry guys) I can post some stuff I built, as well as some stuff I built with GenOne himself for osdt. Overall I think I had a decent experience in osdt for being a newish player. Big thanks to Nido and GenOne for working with me throughout.

:Zygarde: :Tapu Lele: :Mew: :Naganadel: :Heatran: :Pheromosa:
Crackhead Psyspam
I was looking at old sm teams and was inspired by a charizard y psyspam team. Psyspam typically runs necrozma, but I liked the concept of just having immediate pressure with things. Some teams just fold from a sheer amount of offensive pressure. This team is a bit of a matchup fish, but in the right matchups it's golden. The team struggles vs trick room, so lele is set to underspeed neutral rillaboom in order to have an easier time taunting vs rilla + tr leads. Mew is flamethrower to beat steela. Naga is sash to have a consistent form of tailwind.

:Kommo-o: :Mew: :Rillaboom: :Blastoise: :Incineroar: :Nihilego:
demon mew scarf nihi kommo-o
This was a team I built in preparation for my game vs Nido. Nido wasn't using many fairies at the time so I wanted to build around Kommo-o. Unfortunately I was drinking during my set and kind of just threw the match when using this, but it did quite good in tests so I will share. Kommo-o was the main inspo behind the team, but I also wanted to use demon mew so I just decided to put them on a team together. From there I just added a bunch of things to help support the aftermentioned mons. Lastly added a scarf Nihi. Meteor beam makes it so the team is trying to do too much at once, but scarf nihi is pretty good because it hits the things I want it to hit still, but has the added benefit of surprise factor. I think Tapu Fini could probably work as a replacement to toise, but overall the team is fine.

:Ferrothorn: :Blastoise: :Tsareena: :Pelipper: :Porygon2: :Regieleki:
:Ferrothorn: :Tapu Fini: :Tsareena: :Pelipper: :Porygon2: :Regieleki:
Water Spout Toise Rain Semi Room
Fini Version
Probably my favorite team built in a long while. When prepping for Nido, I was talking with GenOne about unexpected sets and had an epiphany. "Water spout toise in rain." The idea was too brilliant to pass up. Pairing with Ferrothorn because Ferro is broken, and they synergize well overall. Scarf Peli to give the team more of a fast mode option and specs eleki to keep offensive pressure while setting up trick room. After building this, we wanted to try and make a more consistent version as this version gets weaker once the surprise factor of toise is gone. We ended up on replacing toise with a fini. It offers good rain offense still, but misty terrain and heal pulse make ferrothorn really hard to take down. In the end the team struggles vs taunt zera which is too common of a thing to justify using this. I'd recommend trying to patch that up if you decide to grab this.


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:volcanion: :mew: :rillaboom: :genesect: :kyurem black: :landorus:
Volcanion Balance

This was my go-to team is osdt. Its just a consistent easy to use balance team, which makes it great as a team you can just bring without really thinking about it when you're too lazy to build something. The only real bad matchup i've run into with this team is teams with rocks/hazard stack, which aren't exceptionally common at the moment. This is the same six as a team MADARAAAA posted in their dpl team dump, but when i was building this team i wanted to make volcanion balance and i arrived at this conclusion like 4 seperate times, so i just went with it (i also didn't know this six was used before at the time, so it wasn't even really intentional, but it's still been used before so i'll just mention that here) I actually won every osdt game i brought this team to, which is pretty cool :D. I don't really have much to say here tbh, it's just a really solid team that i like a lot. I debated whether or not i should post this or not, but this post is technically doubling as a osdt team dump so i may as well include it since i used it a ton in my run.


:kyurem black: :victini: :naganadel: :scrafty: :urshifu: :rillaboom:
Victini + Kyurem-Black Offense

Someone in the doubles discord wanted to use victini + kyurem for fusion bolt + flare stuff, and this is a very heavily edited version of the team they posted. If i'm remembering correctly actuarily made a good amount of the edits here (like goggs victini and scrafty) so credit to them for that (i also added things, like adding in naganadel, making the scrafty eject button and the shifu adamant) This has been sitting in my builder for months, i never really thought much of it, but then it was used in osdt and a few people thought it was cool, so i started using it again and its pretty fun. You have to play very carefully around stuff like pult and naga bc you have very few draco switchins, but it's playable


:nihilego: :dragapult: :volcanion: :rillaboom: :metagross: :porygon2:
Nihilego Semiroom

This is a remake of one of my older teams (specifically this one: that i started using because i wanted to use nihilego. Nihilego is honestly a great pokemon, rock has like 2 resists in this tier, and its fast enough to threaten more things than stuff like ttar, which i also like. Nihilego + Dragapult is a decent core, pult beats most of the things nihi loses to and nihilego slaps stuff like incineroar which pult hates. Volcanion also has good synergy with nihilego as nihi removes a lot of the mons that volc hates, like landorus, zapdos, etc. Rillaboom is just a glue mon, not much of an explanation here, metagross is a kb check and trick room attacker (its goggles to beat stuff like kyube + redirection) and porygon2 is this team's main defensive switch in to a lot of threats bc it can just recover off the damage and has great natural bulk. I really wanted to fit u turn on pult for more pivot opportunities for nihi and p2, but i feel like it needs pump and flamethrower here.


:darmanitan-galar: :rillaboom: :tapu fini: :heatran: :mew: :landorus:
Darmanitan-Galar Balance (ft. NinjaSnapple, Teal/ThatDude)

I made this team with the help of NinjaSnapple and Teal/ThatDude/Shut Up Shut Up^2 (they go by many names...). I suggested using scarf gdarm, and we ended up using it with fini, as fini appreciates darm removing grass types and fini beats the fire types that darm struggles with. Rillaboom is the glue as always, heatran is another way to beat fire types but also has synergy with fini and provides some immediate damage (goggles was suggested by teal) Mew is very greedy but i think it works here, and lando is more immediate damage that patches up some hard matchups, like volcanion. Darm works a lot better than i expected, its basically a better scarf kyub and is really good late game. I'm not a huge fan of cm fini rn but i think it makes sense here.

I forgor to save my test games :skull:
Well, copying my mates GenOne and Teal, now that I'm out of the OSDT I want to post a team I'm quite happy with.

I don't usually post things in this thread, but with this particular team I got very good results and I also got my best record starting with a new account getting a 41-0, so I like the idea that people can at least try it if they want to.

I leave you the proof that I'm not lying hahahaha.

Puto el que lo lea.jpeg

Well the team in question is this: :metagross::rillaboom::tapu-fini::spectrier::incineroar::porygon2:
I don't want to take all the credit as the main core is from a team that Akaru Kokuyo used in the OSDT and then aim used again but changing a single slot in the team as I would later do.

Watching these matches, I noticed that one of the main problems with this pokémon combination is that it doesn't have a solid speed control. Akaru has Fini Scarf in his team and a possible KyuB with Icy Wind, and Aim's team doesn't seem to have a speed control directly. So, this was one of the main reasons why this team didn't convince me at first. Then, after thinking about it several times, I thought that one of the best options could be P2 the poke that fits in that last slot, since it could fulfil a function more or less similar to Akaru's KyuB while getting a speed control.

Then, having clear what my 6 pokémon were going to be, I had to decide their sets. There were ideas from Aim's and Akaru's sets that I liked like the Spec with Seed and the Fini CM since I think it fits better with these pokes. Futhermore, since I have P2 I don't need the Scarf on Fini, nor the Taunt on Rilla. The only problem with this is that I wasn't very happy with Metagross because I didn't like having triple Set Up in the team, so I thought about taking AV or Shuca but it didn't convince me, and that's why I decided to try first with Cosmic to see how it worked. And the truth is that it gave me good results.

To finish I want to explain how I use the team. In most cases, the idea is to open with Spec and one of the Fake out users and damage the opponent's team while pivoting between Rilla and Inci in such a way that Spec lasts as long as possible on the field, and then Fini or Gross arrives and wins the fight.

The way to make Spec stay on the field for a long time is by abusing Snarl, Grassy Seed, terrain and Inci's intimidations, which makes it a very dangerous Pokémon for the opponent, and you can also forget about the problematic Knock Off because once you intimidate it once, they don’t do anything.

-1 252 Atk Zeraora Knock Off vs. +1 72 HP / 0 Def Spectrier: 88-104 (24.5 - 28.9%) -- 99.1% chance to 4HKO
-1 68 Atk Incineroar Knock Off vs. +1 72 HP / 0 Def Spectrier: 114-134 (31.7 - 37.3%) -- 81.7% chance to 3HKO

Another function of Spec is to pave the way for Gross and Fini with the Snarl, if you see that Spec isn't going to get any needed kills or isn't going to contribute much.

Also, something very important to keep in mind is that you should not be afraid of taking damage or sacrificing Gross or Fini, as in many cases it is necessary to get the other to win, for example, if Fini kills the opposing Urshi or Gross kills Steel or Grass. Also, it is absolutely necessary to play with your protects and Grassy Terrain to keep Fini, Gross and Spec with a lot of HP.

I would like to leave some replay to exactly exemplify how I use it, but unfortunately I don't have any. Although, I will update the post when I do.


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Perrserker's Valhalla (#1 on ladder, 1922 elo)

Very fun team that makes use of Perrserker's Steely Spirit to power up Stakataka's Gyro Ball attack to astronomically strong levels. I topped the DOU ladder with it and also used it to win in seasonals this week. Try it out and have fun! :)
:perrserker: :stakataka:

So basically the core I wanted to build around was Perrserker + Stakataka to make maximum use of the ability Steely Spirit, which grants a 1.5x boost to any Steel-type attack used by Perrserker or its ally. Basically any time Perrserker switches in alongside Stakataka, it's basically a free Helping Hand-esque boost to Stakataka's Gyro Ball which is great for negating an Intimidate or just hitting OHKOs you normally wouldn't.

Perrserker has access to Fake Out, a 1.5x boosted Iron Head, and an array of good coverage moves, and u-turn, so I figured it would work great as an offensive Assault Vest Fake Out support mon. I ev'd it to speed creep standard Incineroar by one point, but you can probably also just run max HP max attack.

Stakataka is just a standard Life Orb Trick Room attacker set.

:perrserker: :stakataka: :rillaboom: :salamence:

My first thought when building this core was that I would need very good ground resistances to compensate for my double-steel core. Standard Rillaboom was the obvious first pick.

Scarf Salamence is a bit of a weird niche pick that I ended up going with because I liked the role compression it provided. Specifically, it:
  • Can intimidate and Draco Meteor a Zygarde
  • is immune to Landorus-I's Earth Power and can threaten it with Hydro Pump
  • Can resist and Hydro Pump a Heatran which is a huge problem for Perrserker, Stakataka and Rillaboom
  • Can outspeed and OHKO a Choice Scarf Urshifu or Pheromosa, both of which are problems for my dual-steel core
  • Can outspeed and Fire Blast a Scarf Genesect which is annoying for Mew and Rillaboom, and
  • Provides 1/2 of my ID Ferrothorn checks (imo special fire attackers that can resist Body Press are the best fits for this kind of job)
Also I'm gonna be real, I also just really liked how Salamence added to the whole Viking aesthetic I was going for :)

:perrserker: :stakataka: :rillaboom: :salamence: :mew:

Next I added an offensive Fake Out + Trick Room Mew, which is something of a staple on many of my semiroom builds. I really, really dislike relying on Stakataka to set Trick Room other than in late game, and I think Mew is often good at producing positions where it can either set Trick Room or serve as a mid-speed attacker.

Rillaboom + Salamence seemed like good enough insurance (for now) against Urshifu that I dropped Psychic (a move I often run on Mew) and went with Earth Power (for Heatran) and Fire Blast (my 2/2 ID Ferrothorn check).

:perrserker: :stakataka: :rillaboom: :salamence: :mew: :tapu fini:

And finally, to round out the team I went with Calm Mind Tapu Fini, which ties up a lot of loose ends I was looking for:
  • It provides immunity to Amoonguss's spore under Trick Room
  • It provides additional terrain control against psyspam builds, which is important as this team relies on a lot of Fake Out cycling
  • It provides a good defensive endgame wincon so I'm not always just relying on pure offense
  • It provides a solid check to Heatran which this team needs an abundance of, and
  • It provides another solid check to Urshifu and Pheromosa
And once again, I also just liked how Fini aesthetically fits with the viking them I was going for :D

So yeah, overall even though I use some unorthodox mons I think I managed to build a surprisingly balanced team that has performed really well for me. I hope you try it and enjoy it too!
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:mew: :ferrothorn: :naganadel: :incineroar: :diancie: :tapu fini:
I used this team in DPL against RaisedInTyo. I'd been messing around with Iron Defense Ferro and loved that it was able to ignore Amoonguss. Fespy/Enzonana gave the suggestion for Scarf Mew, while I'd originally had a bulky Mew, and it worked out great. Scarf Mew and Naganadel provide some valuable coverage and speed to the team outside of Trick Room. Scarf Mew specifically can cripple a large majority of the meta by tricking its Scarf. Besides that Diancie, Ferrothorn and Tapu Fini click setup moves and break for each other until one wins the game.
:volcanion: :dragapult: :mew: :diancie: :rillaboom: :porygon2:
This is a sample team, truthfully I did minimal work on it I just used it a lot for a while. This was also built for DPL, in finals against MADARAAAA. Actuarily built the original structure with Scrafty > Porygon2 and umbry made the call to go P2. The only thing I really changed was making Volcanion Roar > Toxic to synergize with hazards while still beating bulky setup. Generally the team plays with a Mew lead + Dragapult/Rillaboom as strong anti-leads to help Mew set up hazards. Sometimes it might make sense to immediately go into Trick Room mode, for which a P2 lead may be appropriate. The general game plan is quite simple, get up hazards, dance around your opponents threats/set up Trick Room and just grind everything down.
:amoonguss: :urshifu: :kyurem-black: :volcarona: :zygarde: :zeraora:
This team I built with Memoric to play Z Strats for Week 1 of BLT. This kind of structure was really popular around the same time last year, and DD Kyub/Zygarde looked pretty good into him. There is not too much to say here, Volcarona redirects moves KyuB and Zyg hate. Urshifu is Aqua Jet over Ice Punch or Substitute (or god forbid, U-turn) just to improve the Lando-I matchup a bit. This is just 3 strong physical attackers and 3 support mons.
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Out of SCL and out of circuit, i figured i would make a post with all the better teams i've built this gen and make a farwell post to it. Theres some good and some bad to this generation of DOU but overall i thought it made teambuilding generally fun.

:whimsicott: :urshifu: :heatran: :naganadel: :rillaboom: :landorus:
I went into week 2 of dpl losing a lot of test games to stax/actuarily rain. I decided the best approach to it was to build a team that would give it a very hard time in theory. The team doesnt need much explenation other than it disrupts rain and whatever it wants to do most of the time. Priority Sunny Day is an epic move that makes everything in rain worse, from kingdra to zapdos to p2 which takes a ton from specs eruptran. The rest of the team is simple enough, just a pretty standard offense other than the already mentioned specs tran. I actually built the skeleton way back in dwcop but it had a tsareena over rilla and kyub over naga, but it was flawed vs psyspam and fini so i wanted the security that rilla and naga gave to those matchups respectively. All things considered a solid team for its time, can still function but probably outdated at this point. mandatory replay

:mew: :heatran: :tapu-fini: :landorus: :zeraora: :porygon2:
I built this for Spurrific during SCL I, in the week he was gonna face Qwello Lee. The idea behind it was to catch Qwello off guard with some unusal sets, like expert belt mew, scarf fini and most importantly ally switch p2. Safe to say it worked perfectly as Justin owned practice games and the actual game itself. The team also has a proto hazard spam element that is popular nowadays, but in retrospect we should have gone with psychic/fire move.

:indeedee-f: :amoonguss: :necrozma: :volcanion: :pheromosa: :landorus:
A team from dwcop this time. I wanted to use something different vs akaru just to change things up from my usual stuff. I realized phero on psyspam is actually cracked, and since tr necrozma was the only form of speed control i decided that speed swap can actually be a great alternative way to make volcanion attack before my opponents pokemon. I reused this in SCL with different sets but i will post the original since this is where the idea originally started. Goggles>Life orb on volc, avoid autolosing to the shroom.

:naganadel: :mew: :tsareena: :tyranitar: :dracovish: :incineroar:
I didnt build many teams for this edition of SCL, but once i subbed out i had to help tenzai on his starter duties. This team was made for this week of scl, nails was always gonna be a tough opponent to beat but the team was very good in practice (also i thought bringing sand vs nails was funny). I'm realizing more and more that phero is somewhat restricting in the builder so scarf naga was the only logical solution to that problem, while tar is band to ohko volcanion which can be a massive threat to the team. Tenzai ended up losing but i was still very happy on how the team turned out, very solid sand build. here's a replay vs amaranth (i just lost this series but i think this is a good showcase)

Here's some other teams that i dont really wanna go in depth bc im just tired of writing but are still pretty decent. scl week 6 dpl week 3 vs yobuddy dpl period a not optimized sand osdt period a not optimized rain i built recently was fire in tests but did not use

I realize might not be the most flashy builder, but i hope you like them if you decide to use them. It was a fun gen, but im kinda glad its over. Enjoy :heart:
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I really enjoy playing Cofagrigus so i wanted to build around it for majors. Here are the two fullroom teams I made.
It really only has one viable set which is Trick Room, Body Press. The EV spread has it kill Heatran at +2 while maximiizing the healing from Pain Split. It is paired with Tapu Fini to avoid status and Psychic/Fire types because of Amoonguss.

:cofagrigus::tsareena::porygon2::incineroar::tapu fini::mew:

:incineroar::tapu lele::tapu fini::porygon2::amoonguss::cofagrigus:
Keldeo Team (#1 on Ladder)
Hi, this is my first rmt, so I don't know where to start and what to say.
This is the keldeo team I made rank 1,1865elo and 29-1 in a suspect on the gen8 dou ladder with.

:genesect: - :keldeo: - :incineroar: - :tapu_koko: - :mew: - :kyurem_black:

I built this team in July. At that time I thought that Keldeo and Genesect paired really well together, so i tried to build a team for fun, and then got n1. Then i added an Intimidate wich also provides fakeout (Incineroar) a Tailwinder for speed control (Mew), A taunter and something that could beat Tapu Fini (Koko), and since i saw i was a bit weak to zygarde i added Kyurem-B.
Let's start from the star, Keldeo, his speed is just above nihilego to outspeed and koes it with secret sword/ hydropump.
Genesect is max atk and max speed because i needed it to outspeed kingdra with tailwind or after a shift gear and ko it with leech life.
Then i added the classic incineroar which is a little bit bulkier and faster than the classic one.
252 SpA Choice Specs Kingdra Muddy Water vs. 244 HP / 176+ SpD Incineroar in Rain: 330-390 (84.1 - 99.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
Tapu koko is there just to provide taunt support and to help vs amoonguss with his electric terrain.
Mew provides tailwind support and is just above urshifu's speed tier. in addition to that he can do really good damage to heatran with earth power,and helps the other members do their job with snarl and coaching.
And finally Kyurem Black: it works well with coaching and electric terrain and is fundamental vs zygarde.
I'll leave some replay, hope you like the team.

Replays :
OSDT Replays (s/o Mihowk and LoSconosciuto) :


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Now that I'm officially done with generation 8 DOU, I'll post all the teams I've built over the last several months. When I first started playing, I just used sample teams, but I got bored with that and started making my own teams. Consistent with my VGC teambuilding, most teams I make have at least one pokemon that many would consider suboptimal, so keep that in mind. I'll attach the replay I think best illustrates each team. EVs can probably be optimized, but some of these wouldn't be true eragon teams without max attack incin for some reason

Double tapu hyper offense:
The first and most serious team I built for DOU, which won me several tour games. Having electroweb on koko bailed me in so many games and rain dance + fishious rend ohkos pretty much anything bar ferrothorn. (Also direct counter to Chris' favorite team sorry lol)
vs crunchman:

Victini Hyper Offense
A very fun and extremely aggressive team I made, in retrospect this team isn't that good but at first I had a lot of success with it. It is extremely satisfying to click searing shot into flash fire and eruption and demolish all the indeedee hatterene present on the ladder. This was also the beginning of me slapping calm mind on pretty much anything:
vs genone:

Dugtrio (two variations): (original)
A meme team I made for an alt account, but eventually started bringing to tours when I got bored. It originally featured celebi as well, but I then realized that even I couldn't justify celebi when mew exists in the same format. This team is probably one of the least consistent I've ever built, but it's my favorite at the same time: it represents what I love most about pokemon-- the ability to mess around and experiment with niche strategies. This team went 1-1 in tours, which is a W in my book.
vs Mishimono:

The golden days:
Some legend on ladder pointed out that most of this team had a golden color, so hence the name of the team. I really liked this team against pretty much anything except volcanion, unfortunately the one time I brought it to ssnl my opponent was running volcanion lmao. My main takeaway from this team was that latias is actually kind of cracked cuz it lives pretty much anything so I'm sad I couldn't take this team farther in ssnl and majors.
vs shadow on ladder:

Variations on old teams:
Dnagerbdager's kyurem team: &
The base of this team with calm mind fini is really really solid, but early on in my playing days I found it helpful to put scarf on heatran, which was a staple of many of my early ssnl and majors wins before people caught on. Later, since I knew meminger would expect scarf heatran, I changed the team again to stole a game from him in my last ssnl round

Less serious teams:
2 really strange teams I made
I wanted to test whether lando-t really was bad and it turns out it is so yeah.

I brought the last team to ssnl but that was a really bad decision ngl. Its another fun team to spam ladder with though.

Darmanitan galar:
Galarian darmanitan is one of my favorite pokemon so I tried to make it work. Had a couple good ladder games with it.
vs relicanthprimal on ladder:

This list pretty much showcases every team I made while playing this format, I really enjoyed it but got a little burnt out after playing waaaayyyy too much of it for the first two months I knew about it. I'm extremely excited for gen 9, here's to more great times of doubles OU!
Team dump
This is the first time I've tried playing Pokemon competitively instead of mindlessly during class, it was fun and I'm satisfied with my initial results, even reaching quarterfinals for my third tournament. Below are the teams I made myself and didn't simply steal off a replay or the sample page.

Coaching mew:
I wanted to make a Glastrier team, but it turns out either Ferrothorn or Kyurem-Black do the same thing better. Coaching pairs very well with Ferrothorn, Calm Mind Tapu Fini and Zygarde, and Zapdos is there against opposing Intimidate users. The speed control is trick room to pair with Ferrothorn.
Sets are nothing too fancy, Zygarde has just enough speed to outspeed Heatran and Mew has just enough speed to outspeed Zygarde to coach it.
Vs Akaru Kokuyo :

Grassy seed sylveon :
This one is a bit wonky, I wanted to run Sylveon, while building I ended up very close to something from the samples, but I put Shuca Heatran instead of Volcanion, because I felt I was weak to both Heatran and Nihilego and I wanted a Fire type. Shuca heatran does live every Ground move except coming from Landorus. And Rillaboom has Superpower because I felt threatened by Kyurem. Mew has the usual Urshifu-killer set.
Vs Yoda2798 :

Sand day :

I saw a replay of Paraplegic playing Substitute Dracovish, and I absolutely wanted to play that. Amoonguss runs Energy ball against gastrodon and to trigger the weakness policy on Tyranitar, I cannot remember what the EVs are for on Necrozma, but it has something to do with surviving Eruption, killing Heatran and always being able to set up Trick Room. Dracovish is kept at a low enough speed to be threatening under Trick Room and high enough to take advantage of Sand Rush, and runs Leech Life to deal 50% to Rillaboom. Naganadel and Genesect are there to threaten Rillaboom and Dragapult.
Vs Akaru Kokuyo :
Vs Chris Numbers :
Vs trace :

I'll even put the team I got my first tournament win with :
It's bad though, don't play it.


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sooooo my team is out of SCL now, which means there's no more Gen 8 DOU tournaments for me to play anymore. Naturally, I would do a teamdump for the teams I personally used, but I was the main builder even when qsns was starting so decided to do both of those as well.

Week 1 vs. JRL

:zygarde: :mew: :genesect: :rillaboom: :incineroar: :tapu-fini:

Personally not the biggest fan of this team but it was more to qsns's style, so its w.e. It's pretty standard so not gonna say much else.

Week 2 vs. Animus

:kyurem-black: :tapu-fini: :diancie: :incineroar: :celesteela: :zeraora:

This was built around the combo of Diancie+Dragon Dance Kyurem-Black with Specs Fini to provide terrain control and help with Urshifu-R, as well as being a legit good breaker. Zeraora also helps with Urshifu-R to a degree (as Thunderbolt OHKOs it). Celesteela is for Landorus and Incineroar is a glue pick. Thing I like most about this team is just how fun Coaching+Diancie is lol (I also find specs fini fun af but unimportant).

Week 3 vs. Frania

:stakataka: :landorus-therian: :rillaboom: :mew: :volcanion: :dragapult:

Another team I like a lot, this one was made to exploit Frania's tendency to use standard offense stuff (they did) and Stakataka is generally a massive threat to those under Trick Room, so this was built around getting that to happen. Stakataka is extremely iffy into Landorus and Urshifu-R as a TR setter for obvious reasons, but Mew is considerably better into both so it fits well as a main TR setter (I say main because stakataka having to take damage while setting TR can be extremely annoying depending on the MU). Landorus-Therian, despite people immediately shitting on it the second it lost (even though it was by far not a liability in the game) helps in checking Landorus, Zygarde, and Naganadel in a pinch (last one is mainly Dragapult's job, but Lando-T is EVd to eat a Draco Meteor from Modest Life Orb Naganadel) as well as getting rocks up and pivoting. Dragapult is good at shutting down offensive Pokemon and appreciates Stakataka forcing damage on some of its more common checks (mainly Incineroar), so its an obvious pick here. Rillaboom is for fake out+urshifu check, and volcanion should be self-explanatory. This team got the exact matchup I was expecting with it so that's a prep W, but i'll leave it at that.

Week 4 vs. Spurrific

Was a team I stole from Actuarily bc I was busy lol, moving on

Week 5 vs. Ninja

:whimsicott: :genesect: :zygarde: :tapu-fini: :incineroar: :mew:

This was my (someone who wasn't supposed to play) first week playing so uh, yeah I was nervous. Whimiscott seemed good due to this slot bringing a lot of offense stuff but outside of that I don't remember why I picked a lot of the mons here lol. Meteor Beam Mew is to lure Volcanion, Celesteela, and Incineroar, among other things. It can also set rocks, which is realllly helpful for this team. I believe I played around 20-30 games with this team and became super comfortable with it. In the game itself though I got a bad MU and missed meteor beam on volcanion though sooooooooo. Nicknames are Minecraft songs.

Week 6 vs. Memoric

Stole team, next.

Week 7 vs. Z Strats

:lurantis: :porygon2: :volcanion: :diancie: :dragapult: :rillaboom:

Probably my most stressful week because I only decided on a team a few hours before our game. I went with updating my old Lurantis team due to me already being comfortable with it and it being built with Z Strats's scouts in mind (I used it against robjr in DPL). Changes are relatively minor as well, so it wasn't much work. In general games I'd probably make Diancie Safety Goggles, but Mental Herb was better into Whimsicott so I just fished for no Amoonguss. Team got MU but I'm an idiot and misclicked Turn 1, so I lost.

Week 8 vs. Tenzai

:genesect: :urshifu: :dragapult: :mew: :rillaboom: :tyranitar:

I had one day to prep this week fun fact. Wanted to build an Urshifu team, ended up with this, team felt fine but I wish I had more time to get used to some of the sequences that would've helped me in the game (which I lose because a few misplays and I didn't have the best matchup). Nicknames are from both Destiny games' soundtracks.

Week 9 vs. Nails

:lilligant: :victini: :diancie: :torkoal: :indeedee-f: :hatterene:

If you can't tell, my team was out by this point. I wanted to use Lilligant because I love the mon in general and After You is funny. Band Victini under sun is also funny (it can 2HKO Incineroar lol). Rest of the team is just built around that duo and I'm honestly happy with it turned out. In the game itself I missed like every Sleep Powder and Victini died to a T1 wake >:(

ty umbry Lyss Nails Z Strats Lumari Chloe Kaede Actuarily and SuperEpicAmpharos for all the help while I was starting (prep and moral) couldn't have done it without you <3. Also ty to MANNAT freezai and Aberforth for giving me a chance, srry my slot went 1-8 x.x
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choice specs fini+moltres-Galar balance
This is my favorite team that I have used most times in a Chinese competition. If you can understand Chinese, you can read this article恶鸟双专爱队/16
I am not good at English,so that's all I'm saying
some replays
vs tpn
vs cm fini
vs psyspam
vs tpn(fangame10snow)
and others
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So... It's been a while...

AV Urshifu Toxic Spikes
:mew: :incineroar: :rillaboom: :dragapult: :urshifu: :celesteela:

"Why.... Why can't I sing..?"

I wanted to try Toxic Spikes and thought Hex Dragapult was a cool idea, so i made this team. The team is built around getting up Toxic Spikes and using Urshifu and Celesteela to trade damage and clean late game with Dragapult. Assault Vest Urshifu is a fairly new development and i thought a team like this would be a great opportunity to use it myself. The idea behind it is to maximize your bulk to sponge hits and trade damage. The bulk from Assault Vest and the bulk investment lets you live pretty much everything that's usually used to kill Urshifu, allowing you to then do damage back. I decided to run a less fat version on this team specifically because i felt the team needed better answers to Incineroar and Heatran, and i needed to be able to reliably remove them, so I used a spread that OHKOs Incineroar and Diancie with Surging Strikes (you only get the kill on diancie after stealth rocks/poison damage) and outspeeds Heatran. I really like this team, I've been gravitating towards more fat teams recently and this team checks most of the boxes for me. The only things I don't like about this team are less problems with the team itself and moreso inherent problems with Toxic Spikes teams as an archetype, like Poison types forcing you to set your hazards again and Steel types being immune to them altogether.

King Kyurem Balance
:kyurem black: :urshifu: :mew: :rillaboom: :landorus: :genesect:

"It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming... On days like these, kids like you..."

This team was actually Crunchman's idea. He suggested Urshifu and Kyurem-Black together, as they have good offensive synergy, but to run King's Rock on them to flinch anything that doesn't outright die. King's Rock Urshifu was a little too out there for me, but I liked the idea of King's Rock Kyurem-Black, so i built around it. Mew and Rillaboom were added for Fake Out and as answers to Urshifu, as Kyurem can't run Chople Berry here. Mew provides Tailwind and Stealth Rock to chip things into range of Kyurem, and Rillaboom can pick off weakened targets with Grassy Glide and give Kyurem some recovery. Landorus was added to ease the Heatran and Volcanion matchups and Genesect is a fast pivot that allows the team to pressure Pheromosa, Dragapult, Naganadel and opposing Genesect. The team is built around using Substitute Landorus and Urshifu to break for Kyurem, which flinches things down with Icicle Spear. It's fairly standard other than the King's Rock, so I don't have much else to say about it, but I do have some funny replays with the team

Ladder replay where Kyurem flinches everything:

Tapu Koko + Regieleki Offense
:regieleki: :tapu koko: :tsareena: :incineroar: :genesect: :kyurem black:
"Time to double down!"

Electric Hail is a pretty popular team, and it's pretty fun, but I'm not a huge fan of hail, so i wanted to remake it without hail while still having outs against Ground types and Rillaboom. The idea here is that Regieleki hates Ground types, and priority moves. The team uses Kyurem-Black and Genesect to threaten Ground types and Rillaboom (Choice Band Koko also OHKOs it) and Tsareena blocks Fake Out and Grassy Glide for Regieleki so it can spam Rising Voltage and melt through teams. Incineroar is just a flex slot that can debuff things and remove items. This is a really fun team, Regieleki teams are generally pretty hype. This is also the perfect team to bring to friendlies/roomtours, it's really fun and ends games quickly

Choice Band Genesect Hazard Stack
:zygarde: :mew: :genesect: :rillaboom: :incineroar: :tapu fini:

"Am I a joke to you?"

This may actually be my new favorite team. I wanted to build hazard stack, and after failing once (failed attempt here: I revised, taking the things I liked and removing everything I disliked, and ended up with this. This team is great and easily one of my favorites. The team is built around hazards allowing Zygarde to take KOs more easily, or at least chip things into range for Genesect and Rillaboom to use priority to pick off everything that’s left. Leftovers also makes it a great defensive asset, allowing it to stall out turns by alternating between protect and Substitute while forcing the opponent to pay attention to it by threatening a Dragon Dance. This is even further amplified by Tapu Fini’s Heal Pulse granting further recovery to everything on the team, which is extremely helpful in long matches. This team has pretty much everything i I look for in a team. As i said earlier, I find myself gravitating towards more fat teams, and this team has a lot of fat mons and pivots, but Choice Band Genesect gives you some immediate offense and an extremely strong pivot. Tapu Fini also works extremely well here, Trick and Heal Pulse are amazing utility for this team.

Important Notes: Mew OHKOs Urshifu with Psychic after one layer of spikes damage. Incineroar has Overheat to OHKO Iron Defense Ferrothorn and hit things with a strong fire move without taking recoil.

Pheromosa Psyspam
:tapu lele: :necrozma: :volcanion: :amoonguss: :pheromosa: :naganadel:

“We ain’t toyin’ around with you, now scram!”

I originally built this for the Zamazenta mini tour, and it was amazing there, but I realized its also good in base dou. This team at a glance looks like normal Pheromosa psyspam, but i made some changes. I made Amoonguss eject button because I wanted to be able to lead it alongside Naganadel to get tailwind up to redirect damage away from Naganadel while pivoting into a strong attacker. Necrozma is Trick Room for a secondary form of speed control, I made Tapu Lele scarf, which was originally for Zamazenta, but it improves a lot of other matchups like Dragapult and Pheromosa so i kept it. Volcanion over Heatran is a change I really like because it gives the team a better matchup into Landorus and Volcanion contributes more to the Trick Room mode. Pheromosa also gives the team a way to offensively beat Landorus and Speed Swap adds another dimension of speed control to the team. I named this team after Funhouse Frazzle (the cuphead level) because alternating between different forms of speed control sort of reminds me of how Funhouse Frazzle’s gimmick is changing the way the gravity works.

Choice Band Ferrothorn Balance
:ferrothorn: :tapu finI: :mew: :porygon2: :incineroar: :zygarde:

I meant to post this a while ago but it never made it in to my other posts. I built this for OSDT for my match against Memoric but… that kinda never happened (sorry again lol) so I never used it. The only other time I used this team was in majors vs GasaiiYunoSan, and I lost, but the team felt pretty good in the test games and when i actually used it, I just got outplayed. The team was originally built around Assault Vest Ferrothorn and it’s Synergy with Tapu Fini. Tapu Fini is easily it’s best partner as Ferrothorn and Tapu Fini cover each other’s weaknesses perfectly. Ferrothorn resists grass and electric while being immune to poison, all of which Fini is weak to, and Fini resists Fighting and Fire, which Ferrothorn is weak to. Mew and Incineroar are virtually irreplaceable here, all variants of Ferrothorn Balance use them. My mew is tailwind here though to compliment Zygarde. Porygon2 provides Trick Room which most pokemon here benefit from, and also gives the team a solid defensive backbone by being able to switch in to most attacks and recover off the damage. Zygarde is here to provide immediate damage and further dunk on fire types. After testing the team, Assault Vest Ferrothorn’s damage output was underwhelming and the team struggled to break things, so I changed the Ferrothorn to Choice Band. Choice Band Ferro still lives everything it needs to while doing great damage all things considered. I also thought about Iron Defense but you need Power Whip here to hit Tapu Fini.
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